Worrying about redundancy?

Worrying about redundancy?

What is your plan to avoid the next 12 months of post-lockdown challenges?  Are you worrying about redundancy?

The government’s furlough scheme ends in October, forcing businesses that were financially supported to now have to survive independently. 

Businesses that have changed the way they serve customers will survive. 

Those that have taken several month’s holiday will fail. 

Unemployment will rise. 

What is your plan? 

Are you considering seting up your own business? 

I help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be overcome everything that is holding you back from stepping fully into your success mindshift: the money blocks, the limiting beliefs, the worthiness, the fear of being seen for who you really are, guilt, shame regret

Once we have cleared the false beliefs we re-wire your mind for success, freeing you from past pain, trauma and emotional wounds.   From here you are free to create the business, and life, you desire with aligned action, co-creation and strategy. 

You will be ready to step into your full potential so you can create a business and life on your terms, never relying on someone else for your pay cheque.

Using my unique mix of subconscious therapy, ancient spiritual philosophy and strategy you will experience next-level financial, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom. 

I experienced huge shifts in my life and business when I invested in doing the deep, inner healing needed to facilitate powerful co-creation.  The single most important thing in your business is you – to give the best, you must be the best! When you invest in the right support for you, your business will explode. 

If you’re considering taking the leap from employment to entrepreneurship, save yourself some time and energy and invest in a coach who’s taken that journey and is skilled enough to help you overcome each hurdle as it arises. 

PM me if you’d like a free conversation, don’t waste time worrying about redundancy. In the meantime, grab your free workbook Unlock Your Money Magnet Mindset in 3 Steps.

See you in the Success Hub 🙂 

Rebecca xo

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