Women Need More Money

women need more money

Women Need More Money

10 Reasons Why Women Need More Money

1. Gender Pay Gap

Over a lifespan, white women approx 80% of what men do. Black and Latino Women earn approximately 60% of what men do.

2. Pink Tax

I kid you not, but women are charged more for the same services as men; dry-cleaning, car repairs etc…..’Girls’ toys are often 7-13% more expensive than the same toy that isn’t pink

3. Risk Profiles

Women are naturally more risk adverse – blame hormones and social conditioning. As a result we are less likely to make or take the bigger risks that lead to bigger rewards,

4. Pammy Vs Paul Phenomenon

Women are much less likely to ask for a raise, or to go for a job they are OVER-QUALIFIED for because they don’t tick every item on the employers wish-list. Compare this to men, who are more likely to go for a job that they are far from qualified from, but believe they can do it anyway

5. Single Mum Life

Most single mums do not receive anywhere near equal or adequate financial support from their children’s fathers. Single mums are much more likely to live in poverty than the father. The consequences on the next generation are HUGE

6. Old Age Single Life

Women who are single in old-age are far more likely to live in poverty than single men, or married people. Why? See above.

7. We Live Longer

Therefore, our (less) money has to last longer

8. Tiny pension pots

Earn less + invest less + take time out for caring (maternity etc) = less to live on in the golden years. When you were on maternity leave , not earning and therefore not saving for your pension, did the new father contribute to your pension pot??

9. Rich women do good

Women, as nurterers, are much more likely to improve the lives of those around them when they are rich: children, communities, legacy events – far more than rich men do.

10. We need to be safe

We live in a world where we can’t walk home, can’t stay in the cheapie hotel in the rough area because we need to protect ourselves – and our babies. Therefore – we need more money

11. We like nice things

And, yes, you deserve them!!

So, how to you overcome all these wealth issues and solve the issue that women need more money?

You heal your false beliefs around yourself and your money and you tune into your money magik FM.

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