Why should you work with me?

Why should you work with me?

Lived experience is so incredibly value, history is filled with individual perspectives on Universal problems.

None of us are saying anything new, in fact with the recent trend towards spirituality and magick, we are going back to what has been talked about for thousands and thousands of years.

People with lived experience have tons to offer. 

But the problem just with lived experience is that you only have your perspective without the tools that have been proven to work for others. 

This is where ‘academic’ knowledge comes in.  

Academic knowledge gives you tools, models, statistics, techniques and practices that have been rigorously tested to get the results they promise. 

But – do you want to work with someone who’s learnt about your deepest darkest pains from a text book?

I know I don’t.

But I do want to know what I’m investing in will work.

I want whoever I work with to understand me, and have tools that work. 

Lived experienced is great but lacking at times.

Academic experience is great, but lacking.

To have both, is powerful.

This is why, everything I teach, not only have I lived, but I’ve also learnt the tools and techniques outside of my own personal experience. 

If you would like to work with someone who understands exactly where you have been, where you want to go and how to get there using powerful, proven, yet unique models, reach out.

But, why should you work with me?

Well, I am a highly qualified Rapid Transformation Coach, international best-selling author, yogini, mummy and #queenunicorn. I have a first class BPS accredited Psychology degree and post-graduate qualifications in executive coaching and mentoring.  I am also a top tier qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist and lawyer.  I have worked with blue-chip companies to achieve their commercial goals for over 15 years.  

I now help female coaches and entrepreneurs achieve unparalleled results through my unique integration of therapy, strategy and co-creation. 

I am also a survivor of childhood emotional and sexual abuse, depression, PTSD and a string of abusive relationships. I grew up in social housing and really shouldn’t have the life I’ve created if you take all the factors into account. So, I think I know my stuff and I hope you agree 🙂

I’d you’d like to chat, please email me at rebecca@rebeccaingram.co.uk and in the meantime grab your free workbook Unlock Your Money Magnet Mindset in 3 Steps.

Rebecca xo


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