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Subconscious Mind and Success

Do you know how your subconscious mind and success are linked? Read on to find out more..

The subconscious mind is the powerful system that runs your life.  It is a library of everything that you have seen, experienced, and felt so far. It holds everything that is not in your conscious mind. 

Because of this vast information store, the subconscious mind is also your guidance system. Using the information it holds, it monitors the incoming information received from your senses and emotions and decides what is positive or negative, safe or dangerous, opportunity or threat. It’s job is to keep your body alive.  I say your body, because what keeps your body alive and ‘safe’, may lead to soul-crushing emptiness and depression if your dreams and hopes are also not realised

The subconscious and conscious mind are in constant communication. Using all previous experiences and imprints, the subconscious mind decides what is an opportunity to be taken up, and what is to be avoided.  It then informs the conscious mind about the opportunities. The problem though is that with faulty programming, you might miss the opportunities that will cause you to achieve your goals.

You know the people that seem to have success after success in their lives? It’s because they have had positive programming that support their goals. 

As such, your subconscious mind and success levels are intimately linked. 

There is a big problem with this connection though; the subconscious likes what is familiar.  

Your subconscious mind is, in the main, programmed in the first seven years of life. Unfortunately, if your childhood programming doesn’t support your adults goals it is going to take monumental conscious effort to achieve them.

For example; if you have deep seated beliefs that you are not as good as your peers, that you are not worthy of the success you crave or are suffering from a functional anxiety that stops you putting yourself out there for the really juicy opportunities,  you will not achieve your goals.

These limiting beliefs, thoughts and feelings will continue to hold you back.

We can change this though and communicate with our subconscious mind but it must be done with strong positive emotions. That is nigh on impossible to do if the thing you want to be positive about, fills you with dread.

For example, you really want to do a Ted Talk.  You know it will be great for business, but everytime you think about it you feel sick, nervous,you start to sweat and you want to run and hide.  How can you convey positive emotions to your subconscious when you feel like this?! 

In order to do so, you must change the base feeling of fear around public speaking. Once you have done this, using RTT, then it’s easy to send strong positive emotions of excitement and happiness to your subconscious. 

You can have that too now, by clearing your negative blocks, connecting to your vision, creating new programming and celebrating your success. 

In order to change them, you need to change the programming.


By understanding how and why you acquired the limiting belief in the first place, changing your perception of it, clearing the old beliefs and rewiring your new, positive belief system firmly into your neural pathways. 

Sounds great, but how?!

By using my unique method; the Success Activator Quadrant. 

When you work with me on a package, you experience the power of multi-award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy which combines the best bits of advanced hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy and CBT.  Once you have Cleared your subconscious blocks, you Connect to your goals, Create your dreams using powerful implementation methods and finally, you Celebrate! As an experienced yoga teacher and executive coach I use my full range of diverse skills to facilitate your success.

Until you change your subconscious, you can have all the plans and goals but your programming will always pull you back to the old patterns.  The good news is, if you’re done settling for second best, now is the time to act.

The key to everything you want in your life is you, and a  better programmed you, equals a better life.

Using my unique “Clear – Connect – Create – Celebrate” method, you can smash through everything that is holding you back and reprogram your subconscious so you can easily and effortlessly get everything you desire in your life:

– the six figure business

– the promotion 

– satisfying relationships

– the body you want

– the list is endless

I hope now you understand how your subconscious mind and success are intricately linked. If you’d like to programme your mind for success, please read out now at

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