Fear of Public Speaking?

A client with a life-long fear of public speaking came to me for a session last week.

She had a business critical masterclass to deliver to over 50 trainers in her industry, and she was already having sleepless nights over it.

Despite being an expert in her field with over 25 years experience she was terrified she would forget her words and fluff the whole thing.

After 1 session and only 6 days of listening to her powerful transformation recording she delivered her masterclass feeling “excited and in flow”.

So proud and this is only the first week! <3 <3

I have lots of entrepreneurs come to me with a fear of public speaking and many feel a bit silly about seeking help about something they feel they ‘should’ be able to overcome themselves.

But here’s the thing – a fear of public speaking is a fear of death.

How so?

Cast your mind back to cave person days. This is where part of our brain resides and get triggered on a daily basis by cave person fears.

For example, if you had a different or new thing to say to your tribe, you would have to stand up and make yourself heard.

To do this, you risk rejection from your clan if they disagree with you. Rejection means lack of security, warmth, shelter and protection.

You also risk death if the current tribal leader doesn’t like what you have to say and decides your vying for their position of power.

So – as you see, a fear of public speaking is actually a fear of death. Which doesn’t make it a silly thing to fear.

If you would like to work with me to help you overcome your fear of public speaking , reach out <3

In the meantime, don’t forget to grab your free workbook: Unlock Your Money Magnet Mindset in 3 Steps.

Rebecca xo

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