It’s not your beliefs holding you back!

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It’s not your beliefs holding you back!

There is a ‘thing’ spouted regularly among coaches that in order to achieve huge success you need to change your limiting beliefs.

While this is correct to a degree, it’s only surface level.

Most people, when they are building a business, or striving for a goal, do actually believe that they can achieve it.

It’s fairly logical to presume that if you absolutely thought a goal was totally out of reach, that you wouldn’t even choose to do it.   

Why would you, it doesn’t make sense?

It would be utter madness for a person to say, I don’t believe that I can get a client, sell a product, secure that contract but I’m going to embark on the entrepreneurial journey anyway without any expectation I can succeed.

It is crazy

You might be modest about your beliefs around your success, but you must believe you can do it in some small way, to even bother getting started.

The problem is that while you may believe, intellectually that you have the capacity to achieve something, this isn’t enough.

This intellectual belief will be overridden by your subconscious mind repeatedly if you don’t change your programs.

I know this to be true, because it is recognised amongst the scientific communities. I also know it because it was me. 

I always believed that I had the capability to build a successful, profitable business.  I had loads of other successes to support this so it was logical I felt this way. I had sought out all the techniques, strategies, systems I needed. But I still wasn’t seeing the BIG results I wanted.

The problem was, while I logically and intellectually believed in my capabilities to have massive success I didn’t feel it.

It is not your belief’s you need to change.

It is your feelings.

We need to go deeper.

As humans we are ever so slightly detached from our beliefs. However, our feelings – well, we feel those.

When a coach asks you do you believe you can achieve this goal. What do you say? Yes! Because you want so desperately to achieve it!

However, when you try to do the things that will make you achieve that goal while you believe you can do it, you FEEL scared, stuck, nervous, anxious, not good enough, like you shouldn’t be there.

It is these FEELINGS that stop  you achieving your goals.

I go deep with my clients.

My clients tell me how they feel.

Together we explore what beliefs these feelings have led to  and if they are 

helping anymore. They aren’t.  

Using the subconscious mind, we remove these old beliefs and replace them with new ones that serve you better.

How do we do this?

By changing the FEELINGS  you have about whatever it is that’s holding you back.

As soon as your feelings are changed, you simply cannot believe the same things anymore.

Change the perception, change the feeling, change the belief at a subconscious level  – change the outcome effortlessly and easily!.

Attempting to just change the belief at a conscious level just does not work.

Once the feeling has been changed, THEN we can implement the strategies and you will find you can carry them out without even a moments hesitation.

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