Does this sound like you? (Ready for Transformation Checklist)

Does this sound like you? (Ready for Transformation Checklist)

You know that what you’ve done so far isn’t going to get you where you want to go. In fact your success so far, may be what’s standing in your way because:

1. You have big dreams and visions

You dream so big and this can lead to overwhelm. A multitude of new projects and ideas can mean it’s hard to start, and complete, each new project.

2. Your success sometimes feels fraudulent

You are one of those people who are good at most things, so sometimes you feel like you don’t deserve the success you have.  This imposter syndrome belief can prevent next-level success.  

3. You have strong personal values that are surfacing more and more

Your drive and ambition is motivated by heart-felt soul-led desires, commitments and values and you want to create your life to align with these. Authenticity is vitally important to you

4. You have got comfortable where you are BUT you know it’s not moving you forward

You are stuck in that zone where you are achieving some success, and your actions, thoughts and feelings are enough to keep you coasting but you are ready to level-up. You know that if you don’t, eventually your success will decline. 

5. You are an amazing problem-solver

You are great at identifying problems and find overcoming them a thrill. However, this attraction to excitement and challenge can mean that you avoid other low-level problems in other areas of your life – relationships, health, finances and so on – until they reach crisis-point. You know you could handle these in a different way, but haven’t yet worked out how. 

6. You desire perfection

Whether you are aware of it or not, you desire perfection. This pressure and desire for everything to be perfect, and better than before, is now holding you back.

7. You are visionary and future-focused. 

This is one of your greatest skills, having a vision and taking action. But you struggle to slow down and enjoy your achievements and this is taking its toll on you now; physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

8. You don’t need help

Well you don’t, you’re already doing amazingly.  People come to you, not the other way round. However, this does mean you miss out from fresh perspectives, advice and ideas. The head that wears the crown is often the lonliest.  Just like everyone else, you have worries, concerns and fears and you would like a little support to overcome these fast and effectively.

You are committed, determined and have access to multiple strategies and tools but these are not up-leveling you. You want to be free  from the fears, stress and anxiety. Free from the fear of being judged and totally free from guilt around your success. You want to feel confident and at peace and totally in love with the decisions you are making. 

You have had enough of wasting your time and are ready to invest in THE thing that will clear all of your obstacles to rapid success.

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