Conscious coaching only!

Conscious coaching only!

Doing something different……conscious coaching only!

I’ve been working with an executive in corporate for the last few weeks.

She’s reached that point where she’s unfulfilled, uninspired, tired of the rat race.

Deep down she is a multi-passionate entrepreneur but due to social, familial and cultural conditioning she’s never been able to step into her power.

Until now!

Over 5 sessions we’ve unpicked all the false beliefs she has about herself, we’ve uncovered her passions and her vision for her life.

She has now started her first ‘project’ – testing the waters with her first business and is having an incredible response!!

No pressure, no perfectionism, no expectations….She’s shared her vision, her why and her family are even on board now – such is the power of a woman determined to rise!

I’m so proud, cant wait to watch her journey!

If I can help you in your journey please reach out and in the meantime, don’t forget to grab your Money Magnet Mindset workbook!

Rebecca xo

PS – if you are a Single Mum and would love the Ultimate Crash Course to Rock Single Mum Life you can grab your copy here.

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