Where do Coaches go for their healing?

Where do Coaches go for their healing?

As coaches, or soul-focused entrepreneurs,  you know that the business of uncovering and releasing new layers of healing and personal development is never done. 

However, the higher your profile, the harder it is to speak publicly about this because not everyone ‘gets it’. 

You want to instill absolute confidence in your clients that you have done the healing, unlocked your money blocks, released everything that needs to be let go and they are in good hands. 

But, as the saying goes, with each new level, there is a new devil. 

We are all like onions with layer after layer to ‘stuff’ to peel off!

As soon we push out of our comfort zone, we snuggle up, get cozy and along comes another challenge. 

Sometimes the tools we have used so far, which have got us to where we are now, are no longer powerful enough.

It is no longer enough to increase your affirmations, meditations, mindset and LOA work.  You feel ‘stuck’ and you know that the only thing holding you back is you and your next layer of healing. 

You know you need to try something different and something new. 

Perhaps you feel that you have reached a point of success where you don’t feel that you can openly seek help. 

You need a safe space to step into your next uplevel.   

Perhaps you need help overcoming childhood wounds, trauma, a fear of being seen for who you truly are? Perhaps you’re afraid of public speaking, going live. Maybe you constantly compare yourself and want to learn how to step into your own personal power so there is no competition?  Or maybe you just want to uncover your six figure success mindshift.

If so, I can help, I have helped coaches and entrepreneurs since the start of my business overcome their past pain, trauma and experience rapid business success. 

PM me if you’d like a chat, and in the meantime grab your free copy of my Unlock your Money Magnet Mindset in 3 Steps workbook.


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