Healing from abusive relationships

Another powerful RTT session

Healing a lifetime of painful abusive relationships, started by an abusive father.

Our minds love what is familiar, it is why survivors of abuse continue to enter into abusive relationships repeatedly.

The pain, trauma, violence in some way feels ‘safe’

Your intellect knows it’s not safe, but your subconscious continually pulls you back to what what is familiar.

Until you decide to do the deep inner healing this will continue to happen.

Breaking familiarity and reprogramming your neural pathways for healthy love and relationships is part of this work.

When this is done, then can you choose new ways of being.

Everything you desire is available to you, if you do the work 💕

Reach out if I can help, drop me a message and don’t forget to join the Success Hub in the meantime.

Rebecca xo

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