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My unique combination of subconscious, conscious, energy and meridian work offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of hypnotherapy, NLP, somatic and spiritual therapy.  I help people achieve extraordinary results in their business  – fast.

Featured Packages

Rapid Transformation Coaching

A 28 day 1:1 package to identify what is blocking your next level of success, before clearing it. You will then have the freedom to take the actions you desire and up-level easily and effortlessly, without self-sabotage or stress. Perfect for business, career, life or relationship

challenges – £1,500

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Group coaching for the future, or existing, leaders in your organisation incorporating my unique Success Activation Quadrant to facilitate powerful shifts in your leaders resulting in global organisational change, growth and profitability. 12 week programme £10,000.

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Full Day Transformation Coaching

Full day transformation using my unique Success Quadrant formula. Uncover the cause of your blocks, go deep on what you truly want to bring into your business, and why. Ideal for those stepping up into new roles or making big changes. Includes 2 post session coaching calls – £3,5000

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Just some of my reviews

Client’s Testimonials

Wow! What an amazing session with Rebecca! I have been in the personal development world and working on myself in all sorts of ways since around 2013… but out of everything I have tried, I have to say her methods absolutely rock!! It is totally transformational, and Rebecca’s session was simply fantastic.

She is totally easy to talk to, she absolutely and intuitively knows what you need and my session with her was really enjoyable. Afterwards I felt a profound shift in myself and my behaviours – I was amazed!

Thank you so much Rebecca for such a fantastic session… you are an absolute GENIUS!!

My session with Rebecca was about my lack of self belief. Her calming energy and support throughout the whole session made me feel able to explore and interpret my past in a way that was lead to releasing it which felt so liberating to do so. I love her recording she made me during the session to listen to every day, I love how she remembered all the details and personal touches that we discussed at the beginning when she asked me what would my life look like without the problem and how she effortlessly managed to weave that into my transformation tape so my mind can start to believe it to be true! I felt and still feel a massive shift and a new attitude towards many aspects of my life, with confidence and excitement. I highly recommend Rebecca to assist with your transformational shifts towards a better life. Thanks Rebecca!
Rebecca helped me with physical pain that I had been experiencing on and off for a couple of years. I had a muscle knot in my shoulder, which often led to referred pain in my back and neck, particularly when I was experiencing stress. I had one session with Rebecca on a day when my shoulder and neck were very sore, and during the session I felt the knot release. Over the next few days, I could feel all the muscles in my shoulder, back and neck recovering. The pain was totally gone within a few days – that was a month ago and it hasn’t come back since! The mind is really so powerful, thank you Rebecca for helping me to harness its power!
Rebecca made me feel at ease straight away and during our session I felt comfortable in discussing areas of my life that I wouldn’t normally discuss or even realise that it would have had any impact on my life. After the session and subsequent listening to my recordings she made for me I noticed a lot of changes including finishing certain tasks that normally I would have put off, I became more relaxed which in turn allowed me to make better and more decisive decisions I now have a clearer focus on what I want to do and even created a mood board something as a typical man would never have done. It definitely now all makes sense and my session has proven more successful than the plethora of motivational books and videos that I’ve have used in the past. Highly recommend, Thanks Rebecca x
A year ago I was so unhappy, anxious and behaving erratically due to my mental health issues – all being caused by a horrid workplace and unhealed childhood trauma. After working with Rebecca to clear my childhood pain I have found the strength to leave my job and start up on my own.

Using the strategies Rebecca taught me, I got my business up and running in super quick time – no more procrastinating. I was scared but I did it anyway and I’ve already – one month after starting – more than matched my salary and I’ve got that much work coming in I’m considering taking other person on!

If you get the chance to work with Rebecca, take it! She will empower and inspire you to achieve things you never thought possible. As for RTT – life changing! When she next has a slot for individual session, take it!

People are even telling me I look different! I’ve always been utterly dreadful with money; unable to keep it and constantly in debt no matter how much I earnt. My money blocks were negatively impacting on my children and have ruined relationships. I had no confidence around money and was unable to make effective decisions…I had unopened bills dating back 10 years.

After one session with Rebecca I discovered the root of my issues. It was eye-opening! Within a few days, I had paid off debts and started effortlessly to manage my money. I feel in control, and my life-long procrastination has gone! I’m now about to launch a new business – something I have wanted to do for many years.  Thank you Rebecca, I’m a new man!”

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Business Workshops

Transformation workshops on a variety of business subjects including a taste of my unique Success Activation Quadrant formula.  Subjects are bespoke to your organisation but can cover subjects such as:
  • Confidence
  • Success and Money Blocks
  • Anxiety Management
  • Stress Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Leadership Skills
  • Visibility and Rejection
  • Return to Work post Maternity leave

£600 – Book now >

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